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Welcome to the Lochinver website! This website has been established for the convenience of existing Lochinver homeowners and new and perspective homeowners. The website offers useful links and important information about the neighborhood.

Lochinver is a beautiful and spacious neighborhood located about 26 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia in Conyers.  Amenities include a pool, two tennis courts, and a lake.  

Lochinver is centrally located near downtown Conyers with easy access to excellent schools, restaurants, shopping, and local places of worship.  

Lochinver is a Covenant protected community. New and perspective homeowners are encouraged to review all Lochinver governing documents as they specify the restrictions, processes and requirements that must be followed by all homeowners. Please note: all work on exterior of homes, trees and yards must first be submitted to our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) through Lochinverhoa.com.

To fully access the Lochinver HOA site, all homeowners must first register an account. New homeowners may be required to provide closing documentation. Please contact:

Trenton Marshall  Tel: (404)610-1375
Email: [email protected] 

If you are a Lochinver homeowner and did not receive the "email invitation" to create a log in account, you can register to access protected pages by clicking on the word "register" at the top right-hand corner of this page.  Once the Lochinver HOA verifies you as a Lochinver homeowner, you can begin accessing protected pages on this site.